A property is a single measured or observed characteristic or response of a system. Exactly one of scalars, vectors, matrices, or files should be set. Any applied conditions should be stored under the conditions field. Two-dimensional data can be stored by setting, for example, N (> 1) values in the scalars field along with a condition that contained N values in its scalars field.


Field name Value type Description
name String Name of the property.
scalars Array of Scalar objects One or more scalar values that were obtained for the property.
vectors Array of arrays of Scalar objects One or more arrays of scalars, where each inner array represents a vector that was obtained for the property.
matrices Array of arrays of arrays of Scalar objects One or more arrays of arrays of scalars, where each represents a single matrix (with innermost arrays being rows of the matrix).
files Array of FileReference objects One or more files that contain information about a property.
units String Units of the property value.
conditions Array of Value objects External conditions under which the property was measured or observed.
methods Array of Method objects Methods that were used in the measurement of the property.
dataType "MACHINE_LEARNING", "FIT", "COMPUTATIONAL", or "EXPERIMENTAL" Whether the property was obtained from machine learning, a fit to some data, computational methods, or experiment.
references Array of Reference objects References where information about the property is published.
contacts Array of Person objects People that can be contacted for further information about the property.
licenses Array of License objects Licenses that apply to the data about the property.
tags Array of strings Tags that apply to the property.