Citrination Client

class citrination_client.client.CitrinationClient(api_key=None, site=None, suppress_warnings=False, proxies=None)

The top level of the client hierarchy. Instantiating this class handles authentication information (api_key and site) and provides access to instances of each of the sub-clients, for more specific actions.

Instantiation requires authentication information, but that can be provided via direct parameterization, environment variables, or a .citrination credentials file. See the tutorial on client Initialization for more information.

__init__(api_key=None, site=None, suppress_warnings=False, proxies=None)


  • api_key (str) – Your API key for Citrination

  • site (str) – The domain name of your Citrination deployment (the default is

  • suppress_warnings (bool) – A flag allowing you to suppress warning statements guarding against misuse printed to stdout.

  • proxies (dict(string, string)) – proxies to use when making HTTP requests. E.g., proxies = { ‘http’: ‘’, ‘https’: ‘’ }