Welcome to Python Citrination Client’s documentation!


Use the articles in this section to familiarize yourself with the basic usage of the Python Citrination Client.


If you are using a version of PyCC older than 6.0.0 and would like to upgrade your scripts to the latest versions, please note the following:

Changes from 4.x to 5.x

  1. When building data views, you now have to specify upper and lower bounds.

  2. When making certain prediction/design calls, things previously under client.data_views are now under client.models

  3. You have to specify the subclient, e.g. client.data.upload() not just client.upload()

Changes from 5.x to 6.x

  1. New Features

  • Custom Ingester Support - allows for the usage of custom ingesters when uploading files. See DataClient.list_ingesters, DataClient.upload_with_ingester, and DataClient.upload_with_template_csv_ingester, Ingester, and IngesterList classes.

  • Model Reports - first pass access to model settings, feature importances, and model performance metrics for data views with ML configured. See ViewsClient.get_model_reports and ModelReport class.

  • Version 6.1.0 adds pif_version support on DataClient#get_pif, and a new method DataClient#get_pif_with_metadata.

  • Version 6.2.0 adds ViewsClient#get_relation_graph for retrieving relation graphs from data views with ML configured

  • Version 6.3.0 adds the AdvancedDataViewBuilder class, a more expressive interface for building data views with machine learning.

  • Version 6.4.0 adds a class_probabilities dict to prediction responses and support for simplifying building formulation views

  1. Deprecations

  • The ModelsClient.get_data_view method has been deprecated in favor of ViewsClient.get.

  • The DataView class has been removed - it was previously only used by ModelsClient.get_data_view.

  1. Minor Changes

  • Error message propagation for 404 errors - this should give more friendly error messages when resources being acted upon are not found. For example instead of the generic Resource Not Found message, one might get a Dataset 1234 was not found message.

  • Version 6.3.0 modifies the ViewsClient#update method signature, making all of the arguments optional (previously you had to always provide name, description, and configuration).

If you already have citrination-client installed (either in your virtual environment or your global set of pip packages), you can upgrade to v6.x like this:

pip install --upgrade citrination-client

If you do this in an existing project, be sure to update your requirements.txt file to point to version 6.0.0 or newer.

Module Documentation

For detailed method documentation, consult the articles in this section.