To instantiate CitrinationClient, you will need to provide an API key and the host URL of the Citrination site you are trying to interact with.


You can find your API key by navigation to, or your private Citrination deployment, logging in, and using the menu in the top right to visit your Account Settings page.


Your API key allows you (and anyone who knows it) to access your account and your data. Use caution when storing it on your filesystem.

Host URL

The second parameter to CitrinationClient instantiation is the URL of the Citrination site you are trying to interact with. By default it is, but you can pass in any Citrination site.

API Key From Environment

Set the following values and CitrinationClient will pull in your authentication values from the environment:



API Key From .citrination Folder

If you use PyCC to interact with multiple Citrination sites, or simply don’t want to use your environment to specify authentication information for CitrinationClient, you may use a credentials file to keep track of your Citrination API key.

  1. Create a directory in your home folder called .citrination

  2. Create a file in the .citrination folder called credentials

Use the following format to store credential information:

  api_key: my_default_profile_key
  site: my_default_profile_site
  api_key: my_test_profile_key

In the absence of any other configuration, when you initialize CitrinationClient with no parameters, the credentials from the default stanza will be used.

To specify which credentials set will be used, set the environment variable CITRINATION_PROFILE to be equal to the name of the desired credentials stanza.

API Key In Direct Initialization

You may also pass your API key in directly as a constructor argument to the client class (along with the Citrination site you prefer).

from citrination_client import CitrinationClient
from os import environ

client = CitrinationClient("my_api_key")


Remember to be careful not to share your API key accidentally by including it in a shared script!

Inititialization Mode Priority

The three methods of initialization outlined above are prioritized in the following order:

  1. API Key In Direct Initialization

  2. API Key From Environment

  3. API Key From .citrination Folder

In other words, if you pass in an API key directly on instantiation, but also have it defined in the .citrination/credentials file, the API key you passed in directly will be used.